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E-book The Wall Street Ravens.

€ 6,99

An exciting realistic hard fiction novel, based on the true historical story of how New York's Wall Street and the then Belgian governments deliberately ruined the thriving Flemish speech technology company, n.v. Lernout & Hauspie.
Corruption, influences, conflicts of interest, threats, blackmail and all kinds of criminal practices are exposed, which will lead to the hijacking of a Flemish (Belgian) national and international renowned technological company. Joost Lebois and Peter Huysmans, founders of Lebois & Huysmans NV. The gangsters for the criminal act are the mafia publishers and journalists of The Wall Street Bulletin, who, under pressure from various jealous American ''business bigwigs'' with the judicial support of their government, blackmail Belgian judicial and political authorities in order to force them to cooperate in driving this progressive Flemish company into the ground. The novel also includes a beautifully touching fictional love story.
Why the title "The Wall Street Ravens "? Because ravens are intelligent, aggressive birds, known for their ability to steal everything that glitters.